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Exploring the Tapestry of Me is a 6-week committed series for women and non-binary folk (she, her, they, them; not he, him). Space is limited. Advance tickets required.

by Lisa DeLand

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Private Session with Lisa Included
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Private Session with Lisa

When you register at the Sustainable level, you get a private session with Lisa included. If you’re wondering what that entails, here’s a little info.

Your Individual Roadmap

One way to look at ourselves as tapestries is to acknowledge our bodies as roadmaps. Though we share some similarities, each of our roadmaps, our bodies, is different. Delving into your roadmap is a sacred, individual journey and one that deserves witness and support.

Exploring You

We’ll start by feeling into what’s moving and what’s not for you. We’ll get curious about and explore what arises — to see where it goes.

I can offer you:

  • Ways to become more attuned to the life force moving through your body.
  • We can explore the subtleties of energetic transition in movement within and between body parts.
  • We can focus on a specific rhythm.

These explorations provide a different and often unexpected opening into places that otherwise could stay closed for years or even decades.


Austin Waldorf School

Recital Hall in
Performing Arts Center
8700 S View Rd
Austin, TX 78737

Austin Waldorf School

About this Event


During our time together, we’ll examine the tapestries that are our lives as sovereign beings, as partners, as parents, as teachers and as students. We’ll include a look at how we’ve been shaped by the generations who came before us and the current pulse of modern living.

Using the movement lenses of the 5Rhythms®, kindness, and curiosity we will explore and savor our individual and the collective wisdom of our life experiences.

Along the way we’ll continue to ask ourselves, What do I most want for myself? and How am I standing in my way?

About Lisa DeLand

Dancing since 1994, certified by Gabrielle Roth in 2008, Lisa is both a student and teacher of the 5Rhythms.

Class Note

A few partial scholarships are available. Contact Lisa in advance. 

Venue Parking

The venue is: Austin Waldorf School, Recital Hall, 8700 S. View Rd, Austin, TX 78704. Plenty of campus parking is available. The recital hall is in the Performing Arts Center.

Class Guidelines


Sessions begin promptly at 6:15 p.m. Please allow time for arriving, parking and settling in. 

Loose, comfortable clothing & water bottle are suggested.

Health Protocols
If you don’t feel well, have a fever, are contagious, or are within a 10-day window of exposure or infection please do not come to class. You are welcome to wear a mask.

Refund Policy

For events beyond control, contact Lisa.


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