5Rhythms® Austin & Houston

Dancing Fire Lizards uses movement meditation to help curious souls shift from old patterns and discomfort into choice and ease. Inquire within.

You’re Invited to an Adventure

Austin, TX has a long history of ecstatic dance (over 20 years) and the community has grown to hold multiple dances every week. We’re offering this thriving ATX community of dance practitioners a unique adventure for dancing, exploring, connecting, healing, playing and renewing ourselves.

We also invite dancers from around the world to join this gathering of like-minded movers from ATX. Come together for this sacred act of meeting each other’s hearts and souls through the dance. Click images or below for more info.

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© Dancing Fire Lizards | designed with love by Katie @ Embodyart embodyart


© Dancing Fire Lizards
designed with love by Katie @ 
Embodyart embodyart