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Dancing Fire Lizards uses movement meditation to help curious souls shift from old patterns and discomfort into choice and ease. Inquire within.

We're Taking Measures

As a practice where people closely connect and move with each other, we’re lovingly taking the following measures as we monitor the Coronavirus for our community: We're offering two ONLINE sessions:

  • Source in Motion, a weekly class that explores how the energy of our life force moves.
  • Step into Yes!, a monthly women's communal deep dive into our powerful innate wisdom.

Click here for the latest info.

Keep dancing! Dance in your living room. Dance in your hallway. Dance wherever you are. Dance is good for your body, mind and soul. The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay healthy and dance is your friend.

Uncertainty is a given. Keep the joy flowing; take a daily dose to help balance the uncomfortable.

Diving into the Chaos

Words on paper are often quite beautiful and meaningful but seeing a person has more power to it sometimes. And I’m feeling so deeply. I want you to know I’m thinking of you and feeling you and looking forward to the way we’re going to be connecting during this time.

Music Resources for
Your Home Practice

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Video from November 2012

© Dancing Fire Lizards | designed with love by Embodyart embodyart

© Dancing Fire Lizards
designed with love by 
Embodyart embodyart