5Rhythms® in Austin

Dancing Fire Lizards helps curious souls shift from old patterns and discomfort into choice and ease through conscious movement. Inquire within.

What’s Behind Dancing Fire Lizards

I’ve always danced. Fire names the passion from which I live my life. Lizards are the bridge between real time and dream time. Connecting these pieces together is my life’s work. I offer it here to you. You includes people of all colors, ethnicities and genders.

What’s 5Rhythms®

The 5Rhythms is a conscious movement practice created by Gabrielle Roth. One that cultivates awareness through movement. Curiosity and willingness are your doorway. In classes and workshops, we explore how our life force moves through our bodies, hearts, minds, souls, and spirits. 

“When awareness is grounded, we become aware of what is going on in our bodies in the space between our heads and our feet.”

 Gabrielle Roth


© Dancing Fire Lizards | designed with love by Katie Colormaiden embodyart


© Dancing Fire Lizards
designed with love by Katie